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Adopt a Donkey 05/01/19

Excitement at its peak! 💥 In the last few months, many people have asked us about the adopting a donkey. We are thrilled to let you know that from now on you can virtually adopt a donkey (enjoy your own donkey or an amazing gift for a friend or family)​

Our New Baby Boy 04/24/19

Look at this cute new born boy! Welcome to the world!

The hearts of children 01/25/19

One of the most exciting visits we've recently received at our Shelter- Oded came with his children, who insisted on donating their pocket money ...! We have no words to describe the amount of excitement and gratitude in our hearts. Huge pride and a real example of educating a young generation on the basis of giving, caring and acting for the other. Simply charming, warm-hearted. .

Chico and Yitzhak 10/02/18

Tzachi, one of the shelter's pioneers (he worked for us 12 years ago) came to visit our shelter, met with the people who work there today and shared experiences from the past. During the conversation, he mentioned the donkey Chico, asked if he was still in the shelter and could he visit him.. "of course"! The shelter's manager replied, and the two walked towards the donkeys (275 in number !!) Suddenly Tzachi began to shout, "Chi, Chi, Chi, Chico .....!" From the huge herd of donkeys, in the distance, one of them came out and walked right to Tzahi. We know that Chico came in 2002 at a very young age, and that Tzachi raised him and took care of him everyday. Remember, Tzachi has not been here for 12 years. Chico went straight to him and hugged him! Memory? Intelligence? Love? We know how intelligents donkeys are and how powerful their sense of memory is. But when we saw it in our eyes we could not hold the tears ... just moving! ♥

The story of the rescue of Shlomo and Amalia 01/15/19

We are excited to tell you about one of our greatest rescue stories recently. As you know, we receive tens and hundreds of calls from the field regarding animals - all of them are answered by us! About two weeks ago, a man called Daniel complained about the condition of two donkeys who needed urgent medical attention due to a serious negligence of their hooves. The donkeys barely stood up and were in very bad shape. Such a case of neglect can easily lead to organ amputation and death! After no more than three days' difficult negotiations with the owners of the farm that kept those donkeys, we decided to take measures and take them to our shelter so that we could treat them and provide them with fair and proper medication. Today, they receive daily physical and medical treatment and they recover amazingly. We want to take the stage and thank all those people who are broad-hearted and loving, who do not close their eyes, look around and take action to help the animals and save them. Daniel - these two souls live today because of you (and live happily!). Yes, there will be many people like you! ⭐💙⭐💙🙏

Our new baby Betty

Meet our new baby - Betty! This sweetie is only 4 months old. We've rescued her last week and now she is getting used to her new house. As you can see, she's already a good friend of Otto and the other little ones. Everything is done thanks to you, you save lives and make the world better!!

The old foal 11/18/18

The director of the charity, Tim Wass: "It was about a year ago when I first met Nick. We'll never know how old he is, but he's definitely one of the oldest donkeys here, and he has bad teeth and poor physical condition to prove it. Nick and I have a lot in common! I called the vet twice to see if "the time was right" to say good-bye to him. It is always a very difficult decision, but it is important to protect the welfare of our animals. Every time the veterinarian arrived Nick behaved like a young foal ... as if he knew. I just came back a few days ago and could not wait to see the old foal ... He's gained weight! He almost has a new personality! Today he did something very special, he gave me a warm hug. The inevitable will come one day, but not now, and not for a while. When that happens, my commitment to him is to be by his side, to the end. Regards, with so much thanks for your incredible support, Nick and Tim. "

Peace and joy of life! 11/03/18

"There's more to see that can ever be seen, more to do that can ever be done....."

Whatever possible, whenever possible! 10/24/18

Our main journey today was to a village in Nablus, called Azmut, Even though we organized this visit a few days ago, Only two donkeys came for a treatment! We gave them the treatment they needed. But, it was not fair to take care of only two donkeys and go home, We wanted to take care of other animals as well. unfortunately most of the farmers were in the fields, picking the olives. So we have made a phone call and increased the number of our patients to 19 animals today!

75 Miles

Our journey today was to the city of Ramallah in the Rifat area. We drove 75 Miles and treated 58 animals! And even a trainee veterinarian joined us today as a volunteer 🙂

Successful day! 06/10/18

Our journey today was to the city of Ramallah, To the same place we visited two months ago! We traveled 69 miles and treated more than 90 animals! We have noticed how our work is key to improving animal welfare. We checked some animals that had a bad body score two months ago, and now it has improved! Some of the donkeys had dirty, infected wounds two months ago, and now all the wounds have healed! Thanks for your support, for helping these souls!!
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